List Your Property

Residential and Commercial Sales

We draw on a decade of experience, using our unique marketing channels and leveraging our clients to access the local market in order to attract discerning buyers for your property, endlessly going the extra mile and staying in touch after the sale is made.

Each of our properties is professionally marketed via our Marketing strategy. The marketing strategy will be specific to each property and will include a mix of the following products and services: -

  • Advertising via local property portfolios
  • Placement on our website plus industry portals
  • Media coverage via our respected public relations team
  • Social media channels that allow us to reach thousands of people on a weekly basis

Leasing and Valuations

Successfully managing property to let means both the landlord and tenant are happy. An intuitive approach is followed, continuously going the extra mile and staying in touch.

Letting a home

Our team are experts in the following landlord services:

  • Identifying potential tenants via the channels we use to market our homes for sale and rent
  • Screening possible tenants for suitability - including credit reference checks, confirmation of employment and checking references with previous landlords
  • Negotiating the lease - including all relevant legal requirements, ensuring adequate coverage and administration of utilities, where applicable
  • Informing/advising you of all possible insurance cover required for a tenanted property
  • Alerting you to obtain the bondholder's consent and other necessary authorities required in respect of letting the property

Renting a home

Our team can assist you as follows:

  • We assist you in finding and securing the property which best matches your needs by shortlisting properties which you can view before making your decision
  • Our agents are experts in the communities they service, they will advise you about the attributes of different areas you may be searching in, in terms of schools, shopping centres, doctors, entertainment facilities, etc.
  • Arranging the legal contracts and compliance once a rental property have been selected
  • We will advise the landlord of any serious defects in the property which need to be remedied
  • On an ongoing basis, we arrange for necessary quotations in respect of maintenance and repairs to the property. We also oversee and sign off on these when the landlord has opted to utilize our property management services
  • In the case of premature lease cancellation, we will liaise with you, the tenant, and the landlord to mitigate possible damages suffered by both parties
  • We will also conduct exit inspections to identify any damages caused to the premises, and settling these from your deposit, with due consultation